Calming Support

Calming Support

Does your dog have anxiety? Is your cat always hiding under the bed? Scared of fireworks and thunderstorms or new people? Promote calmness and relaxation with our calming aid products.

  • Calming Support for Dogs and Cats

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    Calming Support for Dogs and Cats

    Anxiety and stress aren’t exclusive to humans. Whether the trigger is a loud noise, a new environment or a moment of separation, our pets...

Formulas you can fully trust

We combine Eastern and Western medicine for a holistic approach to pet health. Our supplements are formulated to be preventative and effective using the highest quality ingredients and precise dosing.

A new standard of

pet supplements,

one ingredient at a time.

  • Vet-Created

  • Effective dosing

  • 3rd-Party Tested

  • Clean Ingredients

  • High % of Actives