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Our Story

Western Medicine or Eastern Medicine? Yes.

In our own health, and in the health of our pets, we’re sometimes forced to choose between Western and Eastern medicine as a path toward greater wellbeing. The truth is, combining both sciences to work in harmony with each other is a powerfully effective strategy for greater wellbeing for our pets as much as it is for ourselves.

Created by two friends and one heart.

Dr. Michelle and Emily have been connected since the first moment they met early on in life. They’ve grown together as friends, confidants, mothers, collaborators, and now partners in developing a new dimension to pet health. As mothers, they shared a passion for finding the best products to nurture their children, but when it came to the four-legged members of the family, they found more disappointment than success. And as they both knew based on Dr. Michelle’s experience, pet food was never going to be enough, and the existing supplements were barely effective. Together, they committed to creating the solution they couldn’t find otherwise.

“As a veterinarian and acupuncturist, I searched high and low for effective supplements for my patients but was shocked when I couldn’t find all of the qualities that I demanded. When I realized big corporations were producing less than mediocre formulas, I knew I had to make a change in this industry.

High-quality ingredients, correct dosages, a combination of Eastern and Western medicines—was that too much to ask for? I decided it wasn’t, which is why I created Fera Pet Organics. Join us as we set the new standard for pet supplements.”
Michelle Dulake, DVM
Acupuncture Certification CVMA, CSU, SIM
Small Animal Internship VCA West Los Angeles
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM Western University of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Science, BS University of California, Davis
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Why Fera?

Discover the formulas designed to help your pet thrive.

Dr. Dulake uniquely formulates each product using the highest quality Eastern and Western ingredients and the most precise dosing. We dedicate years of development, formulation, and testing to ensure your pet gets the holistic support they need to maintain, prevent, and treat health concerns.


We take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients from responsible suppliers. The NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) quality seal ensures that our formulas, supplements, manufacturing practices, and labels continuously meet rigorous standards for overall product quality.

We’re committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimize our impact on the environment and our communities.

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Giving Back

Charitable initiatives

We’re dedicated to giving back and working with charities on an ongoing basis through product donation and supporting fundraising efforts. We donate 5% of our profits to rescues, focusing on organizations helping seniors and dogs with health issues.

Who we support

Finding Forever Homes
We’ve teamed up with local Los Angeles rescue Wags & Walks on a mission to reduce the number of homeless pets. A portion of every Fera purchase goes to the organization's high-impact initiatives. Wags & Walks is lead by a dedicated community of dog lovers working to reduce euthanasia in local shelters and increase awareness of rescue dogs being wonderful pets.
Equality Now
As a woman founded company, it is important that we continue to support the success of women around the globe. Fera is proud to partner with Equality Now, a non profit that uses a unique combination of legal advocacy, regional partnership-building, and community mobilization to realize the vision of a more just and equal world for women and girls.
Supporting Animals In Need
Working with Underdog Community Project, we donate supplements to help them support underserved and in-need pet owners in Los Angeles.
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